• Special Forces Expert Says...

    A welcome guest should he return to train with our troops!

    SGT Kenneth Gentry, U.S. Army 19th Special Forces Group

  • Spec Op Commander Says...

    Magnificent instruction! A high level of professionalism for all of the officers.

    Major Aurelio Rodrigues, Commander, Military Brigade of Special Operation, Brazil.

  • Israeli Fight Expert Says...

    Very impressive! I would like to express our gratitude to Sergeant Jim Wagner.

    Colonel Gidy Lind, Academy Coordinator, Israeli Police.

  • "Real World Survival"...

    Simple, effective, real-world survival tactics for managing combative subjects, edged weapons attacks, multiple assailants, ground encounters and other life threatening situations. Valuable skills that officers can easily internalize and draw upon.

    Jason M. Palmer

  • "Invaluable!"

    Not only did SGT Wagner provide us with invaluable training in aircraft interdiction but he also showed us defensive tactics if we are ever attacked with edged weapons.

    2nd LT Matthew A. Lillis, USAF 21st Security Forces Squadron

  • Major General Says...

    This Command is glad to communicate to you that SGT Jim Wagner has been appointed to be an Honorary Member of the Brazilian Air Force.

    Major-General Junito Saito, Fifth Regional Air Command

  • Royal Mountie Says...

    Thank you for sharing with us the counter-terrorism material obtained during all your training around the world.

    Constable Chris St-Jacques, Royal Canadian Mounted Police

  • "Outstanding!"

    I recently purchased your tapes "Fighting Mindset." I found them to be outstanding. I have a C.C.W. License and NRA qualified in personal defense. I learned a lot from your tapes. Keep up the good work. Everyone that carries a handgun should see these tapes.

    Jerry Molliver, Everett, MA

  • Navy SEAL Quality...

    Even though I'm a civilian, I've gotten a taste of what the Navy Seals and the SWAT Teams practice! If you are going to defend your life, you have to be willing to do what it takes. I've taken other courses... but I find that Ben Cooley's home defense techniques are applicable to the most extreme scenarios.

    Gary Gelson, Boise, ID

  • "Most Impressive..."

    I've been a police officer for 32 years and I have been through a lot of courses. None of these have compared with Ben Cooley's course in tactics and "The Fighting Mindset". Preparing and maintaining the fighting mindset was the most impressive part of the course for me. Learning those techniques could save your life in many life threatening situations.

    Steve Abbott, Visalia, CA

  • "Fantastic..."

    I brought Ben Cooley to North Carolina to train our tactical unit. Ben did a fantastic job at getting his point across. The way Ben teaches is so simple, anybody can understand it. His skills as a tactical officer are excellent. His skills as a shooter are as good as I have ever seen. He is amazingly accurate and fast. Everybody who participated in the class said it was the best they had ever been to. They all raved about it. I have trained our officers in Ben Cooley's techniques and they have had a profound effect on performance and attitude.

    Jody Taylor, Whiteville, North Carolina

  • "Nobody Comes Close "...

    You'll learn to be in charge of the situation from the beginning. A lot of courses tell you that if you have certain tools, you'll win. Ben comes around from the other side and shows you that your mindset makes all the difference. Nobody comes close to teaching what Ben Cooley teaches!

    >Mike Voigt, Mesa, AZ

  • "Groundbreaking"...

    I've seen almost everything in police tactical training and not a lot of new things impress me -- until Ben Cooley came along. Very effective in the situations encountered in the "real world". Ben's ideas are groundbreaking, new, and unique, and he always gives the reasons behind them! By the second day of training, my tactical team was inspired and transformed, and returned to the job more confident and aware. I'd highly recommend Ben Cooley's course.

    Jerry Lites, Sebastopol, CA

  • "State Of The Art"...

    The aggressive stance and shooting on the move are very state of the art. Ben Cooley truly knows how to communicate and inspire -- he can talk to novices and professionals alike. What I've learned from Ben, especially the firearms retention drills, has stuck with me.

    Jim Wall, Parma, ID

  • "Works In The Real World!"

    Ben Cooley's teaching works in the real world! Since taking Ben's course, I have improved my handling of firearms on the range and on the job. I am a firearms instructor and I try to impart Ben's techniques and philosophy to the officers I teach. I'd highly recommend Ben Cooley's course, "The Fighting Mindset", to civilians and professionals alike.

    Gary Clark, CA

  • "The Brutal Realities"...

    I found that Ben Cooley's course dealt with real life situations in a practical manner. His teaching deals with the brutal realities of confrontation scenarios and house searches. It has given our SWAT team valuable and proven techniques that work for real and save lives. I can't recommend this course enough.

    Daryl Smith, Fayetteville, NC

  • "Easily Understood"...

    Finally, a training course that lays it all out so it's easily understood. It took Ben Cooley for me to really understand the use of Lethal Force. This info will save a lot of innocent people from becoming victims. Thanks to TRS and thanks to Ben Cooley, sound advice in this violent age.

    Michael Henry, Green Lane, PA

  • "Turbo-Charged... Spectacular!"...

    I absolutely love it! I've truly never seen anything like it! The package is spectacular and his skills are remarkable! Will leave you in utter amazement. The turbo charged way of becoming a super functional street fighter yourself becomes totally obvious when you're exposed to this instruction. Man, there's no doubt what you see here can save your life and loved ones after you've practiced the techniques demonstrated here. It s a jungle out there and with a company such a TRS than can offer valuable self defense systems like this one, we should be quick to pick this up. There's no doubt I want this stuff on my side whenever I encounter a violent or hostile situation. Thank you Paul Vunak for passing down Bruce Lee's gift to us... a great achievement to mankind!

    Paul Fuentes, Tucson, AZ

  • "Lots Of Dirty Tricks!"

    The Jim West instruction is great. Well rounded and covers standing, ground fighting and lots of dirty tricks!

    A. Scott, Boston, MA

  • "The Answer I Was Looking For!"

    Watching your video's at home at my own pace, in my spare time was just the answer I was looking for. I am a Correctional Officer, at maximum security prison in Southern California. There are nearly 1000 male inmates, most of them have life sentences and are never going home. They'd kill or hurt you if the chance was there. Working long hours in such an environment does not leave me much time to train self defense . Since my purchase I have run into a few serious incidents, where I put to use what Frank Cucci had taught me and walked away unharmed. Without the knowledge from your videos, the results could have been bad.

    Vernon Bach

  • "On The Street Without Fear!"

    The package is excellent and dynamic for a person who enjoys knowing about SEAL tactics and defending the right to walk on the street without fear!

    Adolph Morrow, Fresno, CA

  • "Fantastic Methods"...

    My buddy and I are big fans of Mr. Chris Clugston. His methods are fantastic!

    Kevin Crowley, Tewksbury, MA

  • "I Had An 'Incident'..."

    I had an incident with another fellow who was faster and much stronger than myself. He walked up and shoved me to the floor. In response, I used Chris Clugston's "Pop-Up" on this guy, and he went sailing for fifteen feet before he touched the ground. I'm not especially threatening, only 5'9 at 124lbs, I'm not fast, I don't have much strength, and I'm not violent. However, "Comhrac Bas" ended the incident in less than 3 seconds. I walked away unharmed, while my opponent walked away with a limp that stayed with him for three days. I believe "Comhrac Bas" deserves special praise, its moves are so devastating, and that even the defensive moves can end a fight. When I saw that he was unable to continue the fight, I stopped and walked away. The bad thing is, I only watched Comhrac Bas twice before this happened and never practiced the moves! Thanks.

    Gregory Westerfield, Ft. Durm, NY

"Live without fear for
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I’ve had fun pissing-off people along the way too – especially the martial arts “belt factories”...

...and a lot, lot more. So many that I can't name them all. Really.

I’ve had fun pissing-off people along the way too – especially the martial arts “belt factories”...

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Another thing... the police are NOT your personal bodyguards.

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What's my point? Just this: When it hits the fan -- and some goon decides he likes the look of your wife... or climbs through your kid's bedroom window... or just thinks it'd be funny for him and his buddies to humiliate, beat and rob you...

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Brutal Fight Enders Package

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That's 2 DVDs with 100 min. of intensive training! Featuring 18 different instructors, each using a distinct style of reality based fighting.

This program will teach you how to:

  • Recognize and eliminate a threat before he even lays a hand on you.
  • Quickly get out of a front or rear bear hug situation.
  • Cause so much pain you will force an attacker to release a headlock.
  • Use a head butt (most instructors don't teach this right) to end a fight.
  • 2 ways to get out of a front and rear chock hold.
  • 3 ways to turn the tables on an attacker who throws: a haymaker, a straight right, or a hook.
  • Take an attacker down with a simple tweak to a handshake.
  • Use a simple variation on a push that will drop a larger man.
  • Control an attackers head to control the fight.
  • 2 ways to stop an attacker's forward momentum.
  • Attack the eyes to distract and disable your attacker.
  • 2 ways to throw an attacker to the ground using leverage not size.

Here’s just a small taste of what's in this intensive 100-minute “Brutal Fight Enders” DVD package:

  • How to use a single knuckle-blow (using very little pressure) into an easy-to-hit pressure point to bring a man to his knees in excruciating pain. (It’s almost funny to see little kids and small women use this to dominate full grown men).
  • A very cool “upside-down handshake” trick used by savvy bar bouncers to stop trouble just as it’s about to start. Land him on his knees in seconds with YOU in total control.
  • A simple “human pliers” move that will shred through flesh and muscle and send him reeling into shock. It’s a bloody and ruthless technique – but it’ll instantly strip away his willingness to fight (and convince ALL his pals that you are NOT playing around).
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  • A single deadly strike that – when used correctly – can (a.) instantly knock him unconscious or – with slightly more force applied – (b.) disconnect his spinal cord from his skull. This is as brutal as it get.
  • A very nifty “underhand lace” move that uses the back of his neck and the “V” of your leg to snap his arm like a pretzel while you choke him out. It’s wicked and humiliating.
  • One hell of a brutal “shoulder roll” leg-bar (very simple to do) for anyone stupid enough to bear-hug you from behind. It’s shocking how quick this can “pop” his knee... and leave him begging for a ride to the emergency room.

And much, much more...

...The vicious “distract and pivot” that takes advantage of easy soft-targets that MOST people leave wide open...

...How to properly use your knee cap (most experienced streetfighters don’t even know this trick) for maximum damage...

...The punishing “nose bridge” (looks innocent enough, but inflicts mind-numbing pain)...

...The blinding “thumb rake” (one hell of a brutal move)...

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Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover on this free bonus DVD:

  • How to quickly break free of a rear-naked choke while cracking his ribs and dropping him on his head. Works so fast he won’t know WHAT happened... or how he landed in the hospital.
  • A ferocious (but amazingly simple) “Bull Rush Stopper” that levels anyone charging you. The more momentum he’s got (especially for a big dude), the worse it’ll be for him. It’s an absolutely merciless tactic... but can save your hide when you really need it.
  • The beastly little “Roll And Throw” that uses simple gravity and a cool maneuver to crack his skull like an eggshell. This one’s a doosey that he may not survive so be VERY careful when practicing (or you’ll have dead training buddy).

And a lot more.

A map of the pain rich pressure points around the body... how to use his jaw like your own personal handle (to drive his face straight into the pavement)...

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Bob Pierce
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P.S. Oh... and another thing. I also have a VERY important interview with "Mr. X" – a guy who values his anonymity, but has local law agents drooling with excitement.

They would prefer I NOT share this interview with you... but screw ‘em. I think this material is exactly what civilians need.

This audio lesson is yours FREE. You'll receive immediate access to it so you can listen to it right away from your computer.

We're calling this interview "Alpha Power Signals" – because in it, Mr. X very precisely details how you can discover the SECRETS OF ALPHA MALES.

Cops and professional soldiers learn about "Command Presence" in their tactical training... but command presence goes way beyond tactical skills... in fact, this mysterious Mr. X did an exhaustive study on the non-verbal signs alpha men give off and will describe how you can make them part of your arsenal.

In this interview Mr. X will reveal... the non verbal patterns of dominance, the big cues to recognizing fear in an opponent, how to utilize hand-face movements to control any interaction.

With all that you learn in this amazing interview, you will – in the space of few moments – convince the other guys to realize the drastic mistake of messing with you usually without incident. You can let him save a little "face" if you decide to, but it's not necessary.

This is the same stuff that Big City Metro Cops utilize to control groups of people when they're obviously outnumbered. It's like learning a completely new universal and non-verbal language.

A language of confidence and dominance that will make complete strangers notice from across the room. This is critical information that you absolutely want to know.

I will make the link for this available to you for FREE seconds after you agree to receive the Brutal Fight Enders. It's another generous gift from me to you.

To find out more about my Brutal Fight Enders Package just call 1-800-899-8153. A customer service representative can answer any question you have.

*Individual results may vary. This program is based on simplicity thusallowing you to learn highly effective techniques with less practice than traditional martial arts. However, mastering any self defense technique requires some practice.

**Always use proper safety gear when practicing self defense. Self defense laws vary by state and county. Consult a local law enforcement agency to find out about the laws in your area.